About Reet Grewal-Gill


Sales Representative

Reet Grewal-Gill is a real estate agent who deeply understands the true journey of buying and selling homes.  

According to her perspective One's home is One's castle.  It’s a place where you feel like a king or queen, most powerful, responsible but free and relaxed. Your home symbolizes who you are.   It’s a place where your heart is and where lasting memories are created.  It’s one of the biggest decisions of your life.  

Buying and selling a home can be an emotional experience. Reet’s calm, supportive, trustworthy,  knowledgeable, professional, caring and exceptional customer service attitude will result in a stress free move.  Her research and negotiating skills will help you to make smart and right real estate decisions. 

She is a dedicated and reliable agent who takes the perspective of the clients into consideration and builds on it to get best results.  Given the coherent education, skills, and experience Reet is a confident professional and passionately stands next to her clients in their pursuit of buying and selling property. She has a keen eye for details and her approach is never perfunctory. She continuously strives to give what the clients want and provide helpful insights about the property as well as the location.  Her knowledge about the market and real estate industry allows her clients to get optimal price for any property they plan to buy or sell.  Reet’s resourceful nature proves to be an asset to her clients and help them slide through their journey seamlessly.